10th Of Ramadan City, EGYPT
HTI Student Union 2020

HTI Student Union 2020

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#The_Source_Of_Your_Strength #We_Are_Here #موجودين_عشانك

(Engineering - Cs - Business)
HTI Student Union 2020

HTI Student Union 2020

#The_Source_Of_Your_Strenght #We_Are_Here #موجودين_عشانك

(Engineering - CS - Business )

Higher Technological Institute

10th of Ramadan City

Our History

The history of our ٍstudent union starts since the state is interested in student activity. History always records the documents in our student welfare department.

The development of spiritual and moral values, national consciousness, and a spirit of leadership.Ensure the right of students to establish student organizations and clubsEnsure the right of students to participate in all activities of intellectual, cultural, and social involvementEncourage sound collective spirit among students, and closer links between them, and the faculty, and staffHelp students discover their talents and abilities and refine their skills, and encourage themPublish and organize sporting, social activities, scouting, technical, and cultural activities, and support outstanding students in themEnsure that the Union benefits from the potential of students in community service

Our Student Union aims to achieve the development of spiritual and moral values and to strengthen a national consciousness, loyalty, and the foundations of democracy, human rights, and citizenship among students.

Encourage the formation of groups and clubs, taking advantage of the potential capabilities and skills of students, and to support their activities

Encourage social work, sporting and scouting activities, as well as artistic and cultural events, and expand the base of student participation and motivating in these. Encourage the activities of outstanding students.












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